An Escape Into the Himalayas...

October 2017

An escape from myself
or what seemed like a daily grind,
I went to the Himalayas for peace to find.
With every breath I breathed;
and every step I did tread,
a nagging truth resounded from every nook.
the inner chatter was harder to mind;
and the mountains within steeper to climb!

Lost in their charm and beauty,
I embraced the mountains;
yearning some calm and clarity.

The water streams flowing with pristine purity;
pinewood forests vibrant with spiritual serenity;
the shooting stars showering blessings aplenty,
smiling flowers and the cooling breeze;
the griffin flying high with majestic ease,
The mules…their bells ringing a sweet symphony;
how they shared such perfect harmony!

those sounds…the smells…the sights…
shook alive moments frozen in time,
they walked me closer to myself
until there were no escapes to find.

in those humble creeks and giant peaks,
the ego chose to let some of itself go;
like the falling leaves and melting snow,
it was called to dive deeper, dissolve and flow…
to allow life to flourish and grow.

Was I beginning a new journey…?
to discover in me, the hidden treasures many;
n’ to meet the vast oceans awaiting my destiny!

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